Frenchie Life

Is this the right breed for you?

French Bulldogs are lap dogs. As soon as you sit down they will jump right on up and snuggle down. They are incredibly affectionate. This is their best and worst trait. They will take to any stranger.

Most of them are quiet, at least apart from crate training.

The indication that they give to let you know they need to use the bathroom is: going to the door and sometimes for more than a few seconds. No noise, nothing else.

They do shed, but their hair is thin and short so it doesn’t show up too bad. They should be blown dry after bath when puppies and they get cold easily.

They snore. On hot and humid nights, they should be in air conditioning. Did I mention they tend to snore.

It typically takes 4 months to potty train them along side crate training. They work harder if you praise them and give them a snack (treat).

They are amazing. I’ll never known another breed.

Oh, and sometimes they eat poop.

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