Adopting from Us

Puppy Package


Rest assured that when you pick a puppy from us, they’ve come into this world being loved.

Since our dogs live with us, in our home, we are with them throughout the entire pregnancy and birth. We believe that all living things should have a warm welcome into this world. That is what we provide.

Once you have decided that a French Bulldog would make a good fit for you and your life, you may put a deposit down on your chosen companion or request to be put on our waiting list.

We believe it is important to know where your puppy was raised and have the opportunity to see the parents. It is preferred that you pick up the puppy in person and pay the remaining balance then.

If, in some cases, you are farther away, we encourage you to come visit the beautiful state of Oregon and fly home with your puppy as a carry-on.

Airline shipping without a companion is considered and requires the shipping cost to be paid in advance. Please read Shipping Our Puppies.

Companion Puppy Package:

  • AKC registration (companion)
  • 30 Days FREE Pet Health Insurance Offer (Thru AKC Registration)
  • Puppy food (to transition them onto your choice of food)
  • Jump start on house-breaking/potty training
  • Health Guarantee
  • Optional vaccines

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