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Shipping Our Puppies

The health and wellness of our puppies is always a top priority.  We believe that it is important to meet your puppy before picking them. We encourage you to meet their parents and be familiar with the breed before purchasing.


We will work with you in shipping a puppy if need be. While coming to meet the puppies is always free, we do charge an extra fee for any type of shipping.


Each case is different.

If you are further than driving distance, we encourage you to fly home with your pup. Travel is stressful and hard on the puppies. If you choose air shipping, we encourage you to fly here, to Eugene, Oregon, and the the puppy home with you as a carry-on.


Solo, fright air shipping rates start at $550.00.

French Bulldogs can not be checked under any aircraft during summer months.

French Bulldogs over 20 pounds can not be shipped beneath an aircraft.

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