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We absolutely love the temperament of our males and are honored to share their DNA with you. You can choose an available stud below.

Leo is a fawn with a white patch on his chest and a full mask. As a puppy he was extremely rolly, which is evident by the amount he has kept as he has grown up.

He is great with kids and playful with other dogs. He loves attention and is a people pleaser.

He indulges in carrot ends and his greatest nemesis is the vacuum cleaner.

Leo’s Stud Service 


Blue is a blue brindle with a white patch on his chest, and brown eyes. He is a larger framed French Bulldog. He has thick, prominent ears. If you’re looking for that frenchie look, he’s got it.

He carries one copy of the tan points/tricolor gene, and the allele responsible for the yellow coat color (and could pass on either allele to any offspring).

He has the sweetest disposition. Is great with children and loves to play with other dogs.

Blue’s Stud Service 



Prior to entering into contract  you, the buyer, must provide a photocopy of your bitch’s AKC/CKC registration. We will provide a photocopy of our stud’s AKC registration and 4 generation pedigree.

On agreement to breed, we require payment in full, a $150 charge for overnight shipping and handling, and a completed Stud Service Contract.

All specimens are shipped overnight within 24 hours of contract agreement.

At this time, Holistic Frenchies offers only cooled, shipped specimens. Each cc of Semen will be mixed with 3 cc’s of Kenney Skim Milk Canine Semen Extender (without antibiotic) to ensure a healthy sample.


We look forward to working with you~

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